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1. Donations in cryptocurrencies

It is the most transparent way to raise funds. Logout also supports the development of local and global crypto ecosystems.

btc logout address2
The QR code represents the address of the wallet in which we collect bitcoins:

  • Bitcoin BTC: bc1qxew2umatauj0yk4vpnuxcnstzj5zcj9uaa0ymt

Wallet addresses of other cryptocurrencies:

  • Etherum ETH: 0x5Ce3B7540b740Ec0A66844400c10136527159b9e
  • Litecoin LTC: ltc1qnsa0e83gl0nyr73tr7nupgc8th0a676h67xjuh
  • Ripple XRP: rfNWkRTUpd94krz4YzP6ba6gBRdEEK5Jrx
  • Tron TRX: TBF3mDVL9vUBWDa4KSAQMpbL3P5fx56Sfr
  • ChainLink LINK: 0x5Ce3B7540b740Ec0A66844400c10136527159b9e



2. Donation via Paypal platform




3. Support via social networks

You can also support us by liking our profiles, sharing or commenting on our posts, and following us.

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