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A bit of help for big changes!

Screen addiction

Logout&Restart is in depth counselling program for individuals with signs of screen addiction

Digital Detox

Digital detox program is for individuals who overuse digital technologies.

Online Violence

Logout&Speakout support program is for children and young people who experience all forms of online violence or abuse.

Since 2011 LogOut.org with it's award winning program provided information, help and support for at least...


& family members


individuals who
attended our trainings


Outpatient clinics
providing outstanding
care for all clients

Responsible Crypto Trading

Crypto space brings not only a lot of new excitement, but fueled with greed and lack of financial literacy, also huge emotional roller coaster situations which could lead to mental breakdown.

Recommendations for screen time during pandemic of COVID-19

It's becoming clearer, that also in the field of digital technology, we cannot do without early systematic education.

Why do we need more effort for video calls than for a live conversation?

In this time of isolation, when work and school have been moved to our homes, video calls have become key tools for communication with work colleagues, schoolmates, teachers, and also our relatives.

Support Our Cause While Buying NFT's With a Purpose.

(Screen Time & Crypto Trader Collection Drop's)

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